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Proof That God Exists
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A Christian woman who was dying wrote to response

(I'm a Moderator on a website for rare lung disease. I try to help steer others to good medical facilities and in spiritual matters of the cross.) I am no longer which is a long story about satanic opposition.

A dying mother and wife wrote to me expressing  how it helped her to read my reminder of Christ's love and ever present help for a her. I am sharing with you my reply to her, in case any of you know of someone who needs these words.

"Thank you ___________ for taking the time to write such a beautiful letter and for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me.I'm so thankful that my love of Christ helped you in this battle.

I, also am coming painfully to the deeper knowledge of Christ's great plan for His own because of my husbands sickness like yours and that that plan does not necessarily mean a long and healthy life. "My sheep hear My voice." ...Remember that when you come to the end of life, you WILL hear His voice. That is a tender and awesome truth to remember that I am still learning. (My husband, John has since this was written died also)

"I will NEVER leave you or forsake you." It's a promise to cling to as you pass through this difficult storm.

"Pray without ceasing." He desires that intimate communion with us. And you can do that even/especially with little breath, as your soul and His Spirit utter the things which you can't speak. (She was laboring to continue breathing, smothering.)

There are many years of earthly hardship coming that we see daily in the news, those who are with the Lord will be spared those things, and those left behind He will strengthen so that they can endure with JOY.

Stay in today, in the now, a lesson I've learned, a hard one for there is no grace in a future that is not here. I am trying not to mourn now, it is too early, there is no grace. (my John has since died).

There is no grace in memories either. Whether they contain happiness or sadness, there is nothing you can do now to change them so there is no grace to be had there either. Be at peace with that. Your failings and achievements, neither one matter now. "I could have...I should have"...are meaningless ashes. "He remembers that we are but dust." We are not perfect, but saved from sin. "Unless a man be born again, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

Many times this is a sad and lonely walk, help your family and friends know the JOY you will have in meeting your Savior and someday soon meeting them again in Glory too. Not that we, in any way are wanting to leave them, but as Paul said, "It is gain for me to die."

God says, "Precious in His sight is the death of His saints..." (We are His saints, as Paul says, "Greet the saints in Ephesus..".) "Precious in His sight is the death of His saints..."I really think those are the words of a Father who finally has His children all home and safe from evil or harm. It shows His profound love for His own. "Like a Mother Hen who gather her chicks under Her wing." (Male & female...He created them in His image).

I will someday see you there in Glory ________, although we have not met here. We will enjoy and serve our King forever, and with great JOY.


My Husband's Funeral Service 2/25/13

John Christopher Matthew Warden: born 1/8/53 died 2/21/13
"You are Home"
I asked that the song below be played after everyone had been seated. As the church grew silent this song began and it was beautiful...Later in the service our oldest grandson read this chapter in the Bible, "All flesh is like the grass"... He had not cried yet, he hid his grief. But our dear teen boy began to cry toward the end of his reading and when finished he sat down in the front pew, head in his hands and cried for grandpa..."the word of the Lord endures forever", and that truth is the only comfort for our boy and everyone else in this world. 
I will never forget the sounds of those moments ♥
Close your eyes... Listen

"...Seeking whom he can devour."

"be sober, be vigilant for your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour." We have been warned.
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xo, Pam

My cousin Julie Bartelt O'Brien let me know that she likes reading about how I'm doing on this journey and I love to write so here's an update. It feels like John died years ago but it also feels like it was only a few moments ago, it was about 2 weeks ago. I keep expecting to turn around and he'll be standing there, but he is Home, his true forever Home, and for that I'm so glad, no more needles or air tanks, breathing pure heavenly air and he's with Christ, best of all he's with Christ. I said two words when John died, "You're home." (not to him, Christian's don't talk or commune with the dead) but out loud, to myself. I was smoothing his hair, I said those two words in awe, surprise and then felt an instant alone-ness (The one shall be... one?). I took the cannula off, and then after 3 years, turned the hissing concentrators off. The silence was deafening... I finally knew what people meant when they said that! I was in a room, with my husband, and he was dead. I looked around, felt as though I was in a bubble under the water, everything looked so distant, so far, far away. Then I was on a hill in the wind watching the clouds roll by, putting off the inevitable phone calls I'd be making soon, too soon, wanting to stay near the bed, waiting for something, I don't know what. "5 minutes ago he was alive", I thought, "and in the room with me, breathing, blood swooshing." But just like that- I was a widow. I wandered from room to room always circling back, looking at his body, then wandering away again, looking for something, I don't know what. "Until death do us part". A little while later Pastor was next to me when the parting happened for good, like a sheet torn in two. I couldn't breathe, it was an explosion inside of me. More people arrived. I didn't want to see his body taken away so our oldest son Jon took me for a ride, "Put your coat on", someone said... My daughter in law and friend sweetly reminded me to put my coat on." Ok, thank you. I reached up and out of the ocean depths took my coat and put it on. We drove away. My son said, "Go ahead and drink my coffee mom, it's still warm". Ok , thank you. "Remember dad loved to pick berries here, take us to watch deer there, leave the house early to drive this, the longest back-road, to work." Our boy drove slowly, the moonlit snowy fields and forest swam alongside of the car, we drifted around the lake and up the pale white hill... the phone rang, Jon said, "ok", and he took me home. The sun rose quietly outside my kitchen window.... So, here I am 2 weeks later, living/worshiping Christ, serving Him with other believers. John would smile about that, he didn't want me to wear black widows weeds, garb. My husband (I love that word and miss it... "There will neither be marriage nor given in marriage". He is solely my brother in Christ now) was a Godly man who wanted me to serve the Lord and not look back, his final admonishments. He is Home and I will go there someday too ♥ I talk to the dogs more than a normal person should, I say things like. "So guys and gals, what are we going to do today?"
xo, Pam