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"Abortion is the Ultimate Violence." #3

Abortion! It's a word that doesn't mean anything anymore, it's become an everyday word like, milk or car. But,
this multi-billion dollar "industry" does not crank out cars, shoes, paper products or steel, but cranks out dead babies, one after another, 3,500 estimated daily. DAILY! This is a seedy, filthy, money loving bloody industry and it is the ULTIMATE VIOLENCE.


Christians are being persecuted worldwide

Abortion is the Ultimate Violence #1

Please take a to listen, to think about the decision you're making, abortion is not the answer. Cry out to God for salvation, for help.

"Abortion is the ultimate violence." #2

Please don't read farther if you've had an abortion, I don't want to hurt you any more than you have already been hurt. This is written for those who are contemplating it.

Dear One

When I was in 3rd grade my baby brother died. Everyone mourned, even the neighbors and teachers. We all cried, it was such a tragic, heart- rending loss for us. His death was devastating. None of us were ever the same...not ever again. He was born a healthy baby, but died when he was only 2 months old and he had a name, James John. He was never called a "fetus".

We mourned for our Jimmy but who for the unborn aborted baby?

Fetus, what a horribly demeaning name. Most mothers lovingly imagine sweet and meaningful names for their babies before birth...Ian, Sarah, Robert, Karen, Laura...but the aborted child is called, "Fetus", which is a cold and distancing name. When a baby dies we mourn, but when we say that a fetus dies there is no attachment, no precious gift, we just get on with our lives. Fetus and "tissue" are names that are highly calculated by those in charge to be used by the abortion industry because it does not trigger the terrible mourning that the death of a baby does, and in so doing does not diminish their very healthy livelihood. $$$$$$$. They don't care about you, your child, your health, your family, your heartbreak. It's all about the money and God says that the, "root of all evil is the love of money." They must not only love money but adore money, what else would literally drive them to kill a child, a million children? Don't trust them, don't trust what they tell you. I found statistics $1/2 billion and up a year, for abortion.

 How could you contemplate this? Remember that you only have the option because someone let you live. Sadly it's legal. Ask yourself, look into a mirror and ask yourself, how can I do this and why? This is a no take-back decision, there will be no do-overs. It is violent and it is final. Youtube has many videos where you can see behind the curtain of sterile loving clinics. You can read about women leaving the clinics wounded and bleeding, while the next in line is helped onto the cold table.

Outside of many supposed "clinics", protesters are on the sidewalks and streets offering help for you and your baby, offering options and answers with all of their might. Sometimes they are arrested while caring more than mother's do.

Just think, this child is made in the Creators own image and also looking a lot like you. Your child is special and needs to be loved and cared for.

You will feel uneasy for the rest of your life, I can guarantee this. There will be a special birthday year after year with no child to celebrate with. You will be haunted by every child's face on a playground...How do I know this? My brother's name and his birthday are etched on our calendars year after year after year, my mom's eyes look distant, searching on that day, longing for the moment that she will be reunited with her son again in Heaven. She also marks the day of his death on the calendar (even if you go on to have more children, you will always remember). We do not forget Jimmy, his name is on a gravestone. (He died when President Kennedy was assassinated, so long ago, that is why I can tell you that you will never, ever forget.)

Dear one, how could you contemplate abortion?

Instead of practicing your right to choose an abortion you will actually be a willing participant in the "ultimate violence."

I was a single mom, very poor, I had a little boy. I was broke and alone and I had health problems, but I never thought of aborting my baby in spite of any of that. I tell you that because of the irony, because of they way God used his life to enrich mine. I have enjoyed this child all of his life and he is now the one who takes care of my husband and I, (my husband is terminally ill.) Our son and his family are not rich, but instead of choosing to leave us by ourselves, this son, who I raised in spite of hardship, chose to help us, bringing us to his home with his family. He is a blessing. I gave him life and now he takes care of me.

I do hope this makes you feel bad because it's such a bad thing you are contemplating. You should feel bad, because maybe, just maybe, you will not go through with this. Let someone help you, choose to do the right thing, the only loving thing, chose to save your child's life.

Your baby is alive, but her life is in your hands. What will you do?

( title quote is by Robert Casey)