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Living with with the hope of Christ and...JOY

I finally was diagnosed, after two years of worsening pain and crippling hands. I have Dupytren's Contracture, and some sort of arthritis in my hands that nobody can figure out.(I am one of the administrators of the new facebook page: International Duputyren's Society.)

We are moving in with our oldest son and his family. We get the downstairs and all the love and care they can give us and we hope to love and care for them too. Blessed? Yes... Happy? No... Joyful? Most definitely! My Joy is found in Christ and not in earthly circumstances.
I want to become friends with everyone who has this please, if you have Dupuytren's Contracture write me. I'd like to hear from others too. I'll pray for you.
The photo above is swiped from a friend, Mrs. Greg Adams :) I put the saying and scripture on it...hope that's ok Nae.
Love and Joy,
"He is familiar with our infirmities and acquainted with our grief."

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