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I learned a new word today...Kardia

Words really do matter and as a Christian they matter greatly...God speaks to us in His word, the written word, we are told to go unto the nations spreading the word, the Word became flesh, God's word will never pass away...words, I have found a wonderful site that teaches us the meaning of biblical words, it breaks them down so we can easily understand them. I have found the word Kardia-the heart. It's a very special word to me because the last scripture that I said to my husband before his lung transplant, leaned on his chest, whispered to him was "Trust in the Lord with all your heart.." How do we know what the mind thinks, what the ears hear when physically sedated. I do know that Jesus says, "My sheep hear My voice." Does it matter then if you are unconscious, sedated, in a coma, in the womb...are you shut off from the Shepherd at anytime? That's not what that Psalm promises. in the Lord with all your kardia.

(I wrote that Psalm in each hospital room from then on, for every hospital visit on the wipe off board. John is now in Chronic Rejection, no possiblity for a 2nd transplant, no more hospitals. He's in Hospice at our home now, but God is still using him, using him, using him.)

Yesterday he was asked to lead a men's Bible study from his hospital bed...using him, using him, using him.

John is having more chest pain now, the heart is getting tired. Kardia.

In Christ's Love,

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