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My Husband's Funeral Service 2/25/13

John Christopher Matthew Warden: born 1/8/53 died 2/21/13
"You are Home"
I asked that the song below be played after everyone had been seated. As the church grew silent this song began and it was beautiful...Later in the service our oldest grandson read this chapter in the Bible, "All flesh is like the grass"... He had not cried yet, he hid his grief. But our dear teen boy began to cry toward the end of his reading and when finished he sat down in the front pew, head in his hands and cried for grandpa..."the word of the Lord endures forever", and that truth is the only comfort for our boy and everyone else in this world. 
I will never forget the sounds of those moments ♥
Close your eyes... Listen


  1. Pam, I am so sorry; my heart breaks for you.

  2. Thank you. God bless you.good to hear from you.


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