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The Very Next Day

I wrote this awhile after my husband, John died. John, a devoted husband, dad, grandpa and Elder in the church. He is now my brother in Christ... I knew that I would not know what to do In the days after John went home to Heaven, we were one, companions and best friends, he would be gone. My brother in law, Pastor Rich Peralez talked to me about that ahead of time. I decided to make a plan, I'm sharing this because it may help you or someone you care about. I referred to it every morning, especially the very next days, but as time passed I needed it less and less. It sounds so simple, but it's not. I keep it on my fridge and I called it, The Very Next Day Without John- "Get up, get dressed, pray, make coffee, take pills,, turn on radio (sometimes I listen to a Christian station in the morning), feed dog, read Bible, check schedule, look for opportunity's to serve and take them, don't live on the inside but project, DON'T fear love, DON'T fear "alone-ness", In all my comings and my goings remember that He is with me and familiar with all my ways, serve God until bed " This really helped me to place one foot in front of the other while walking in that numbing fog (which I truly believe is also a gift from God). Love, Pam. and do not be reclusive... Love, Pam

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